All day

Menu served from 9am- 4pm

Soup of the Day   small 13   large 16

served with grilled ciabatta


Eggs Benedict   19

toasted ciabatta topped with two poached eggs, homemade hollandaise and your choice of cold smoked salmon or streaky bacon


Breakfast   17.5

poached Roxburgh eggs and streaky bacon

with grilled ciabatta bread


Seasonal Tart   21

local seasonal tart, julienne apple and walnut salad, with a pear and Riesling vinaigrette


French Toast   16 small   19 large

our own ciabatta bread soaked in eggs, cream, cinnamon and sugar grilled off with streaky bacon and topped with cinnamon spiced apples and maple syrup


Chicken Liver Pâté   18

Speargrass made pâté, red onion marmalade, mustard relish and grilled ciabatta


JFC Sandwich   21

sourdough bun with marinated chicken breast fried in chef’s famous batter,  lettuce,

aioli and hand cut fries


Steak n’ Chips   27   

Scotch fillet topped with caramelized onions and grilled mushrooms served with salad and hand cut fries


Open Faced Chicken Caesar Sandwich   21

fresh salad greens, grilled marinated chicken breast, Butcher’s Hook streaky bacon, toasted ciabatta, caesar aioli and hand cut fries


Spring Soup n’ Sandwich   19.5

toasted Speargrass made sourdough bun filled with pulled pork, melted brie, apple and onion slaw and a bowl of seasonal soup


Sides and Salads


Hand Cut Fries and Aioli    small 5    large 8.5


Breads and Spreads   12

selection of Speargrass Inn dips served with grilled ciabatta


Garlic Bread   8

baked ciabatta loaf with garlic butter


Pesto Salad   10.5   Add Grilled Chicken 19.5

tomatoes, parmesan cheese, salad greens, red onion marmalade and pesto vinaigrette


Orchard Salad   10   Add Grilled Chicken 19

julienne apple, walnuts and salad greens tossed in a pear and Riesling vinaigrette




Flourless Chocolate Cake   13

with Pure NZ vanilla ice cream and berry compote


Apple Crumble    13

local cinnamon spiced apples, crispy oat crumble, Pure NZ vanilla ice cream 


Ice Cream Sundae 11

your choice of; apricot, strawberry or chocolate sauce over Pure NZ vanilla ice cream


Apricot Meringue Parfait 13

smashed meringues, local glazed Roxburgh apricots and Pure NZ vanilla ice cream


Affogato  9 

Pure NZ vanilla ice cream topped with a double shot of ALLPRESS espresso

Add liqueur of your choice   15

Scotch or Irish Whiskey, Kahlua, Bailey’s, Brandy, Rum or Bourbon


Children’s menu available
Please advise staff if you have any food allergies
Most meals can be made gluten free, please ask
All menus are subject to change without notice