Soup of the Day   small   13   large   16

Served with grilled ciabatta


Breads and Spreads                         14

A selection of Speargrass Inn dips served with grilled ciabatta bread


Chicken Liver Pâté                            18

Speargrass Inn made pâté, red onion marmalade, mustard relish, and home-made grilled breads


Speargrass Tart                                23

Sautéed mushroom and Whitestone Windsor blue cheese tart with a julienne apple and walnut salad, dressed with a pear and Riesling vinaigrette


Crispy Chicken Burger                      22

Toasted bun with marinated chicken breast fried in chef’s secret batter, lettuce, aioli, and hand cut fries


Open Chicken Caesar Sandwich      22

Fresh salad greens, grilled marinated chicken breast, streaky bacon and parmesan on toasted ciabatta with caesar aioli


Orchard Salad                                  12  

Julienne apple, walnuts and salad greens tossed in a pear and Riesling vinaigrette

Add Grilled Chicken                         19


Roasted Red Pepper Arancini          21

Crispy risotto cakes, served with fresh salad greens, kalamata olives, pickled onions, and red peppers


Pork Belly Salad                               25

Carrots, coriander, cabbage, fresh greens and soy ginger dressing


Chipotle Chicken Taco                      25

Soft tortilla filled with corn, coriander, salad, salsa and topped with sour cream


Hand Cut Fries and Aioli   small 5    large 8

 Grilled bread    3

Gluten free bread   1